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VA-M 15 and VA-M 40 Portable Warm Air Heaters
The VA-M 15 is a handy, compact warm air heater which is easy to transport and make ready for use.
Easy to operate, robust and extremely reliable, the VA-M 15 is an ideal unit for providing heat and ventilation to tents, vehicles, etc. under all climatic conditions. The VA-M 15 can be operated with or without air ducts fitted.
For ease of storage and transportation, the two piece detachable flue pipe and power supply cable store neatly on top of the unit.
The unit is easily transportable by vehicle to field locations and generous handles along each side allow it to be carried over rough terrain.
The flue pipe and air ducts can be quickly fitted into place without the use of tools and once connected to the mains power supply or a separate diesel generator the VA-M 15 is ready for immediate use.
Fuel can be supplied from a jerry can or oil drum via the integral fuel supply lance. The VA-M 15 is used by the armed forces of several NATO countries as well as by civilian aid organizations.
The VA-M 40 is a robust, transportable warm air heater with dual inlet and outlet ports providing high heat output and adjustable airflow.
In addition to those features which make the VA-M 15 easy to use and transport, the VA-M 40 has sturdy wheels stored on top of the unit which can be fitted easily by one man and runners to facilitate transport across snow and ice.
A hook in the flue outlet flange makes it possible to lift the VA-M 40 using a hoist and slots in the side of the unit enable it to be lifted by a fork-lift.
The one piece detachable flue pipe, stored on the side of the unit, has handles fitted making it simple to fit or remove even when hot.
When ready for use the VA-M 40 can either be connected to the mains supply or a diesel generator.
If the VA-M diesel generator is used this can be fitted direct onto the unit for transport and for actual use.



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