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Products / Tire Machine HM-Master 56
This machine was designed and engineered with heavy duty construction to meet the requirements of the US Army for the mounting and demounting tubeless truck tires. It comes equipped with the accessories to perform a variety of functions. Though, not specifically designed to remove tires from split ring rims, it does allow for the machine to break the bead to make removal from the rim quick and easy.
Technical Data:
  • Hydraulic unit functions to secure the rim to machine, adjust to accommodate various size tires, and to break bead from rim.
  • Equipped with two Heavy duty motors to perform the multiple mounting and demounting functions
  • hydraulic unit powered by a 380 V 50 Hz motor 1,1 kW
  • Adjustable two speed motor operating at slow and fast speed to facilitate mounting and demounting operations 380V - 50Hz 1,3 - 1,85 kW
  • Adjustable to accommodate tires with rim diameters from 14 to 56 inchs
  • Adjustable to allow use for tires with wheel diameters up to 2300 mm
  • Adjustable to allow use for tires with wheel width up to 1065 mm
  • Machines Weight: 770 Kg
Tire Machine HM-Master 56



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