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Products / Welding Machines

This unit disposes of five different welding processes. According to the welding task, the material and the location, the following welding processes can be achieved:
  1. Synergic pulse welding
  2. MIG-MAG welding (synergic)
  3. TIG (DC) welding
  4. Stick electrode welding (MMA)
  5. Core wire welding (gasless)
  6. MIG brazing.

Easy to adjust and a maximum of function in MIG/MAG and Synergic Pulse welding:
  • Continuous one button adjustment
  • Setting and indication of the energy on the TEDAC welding torch
  • 2-stroke/4-stroke/spot welding/stitch operation
  • 4-roller wire feeding system
  • Reproducible welding results due to digital microprocessor welding control.
  • Proven welding programs for steel, stainless steel, aluminium, aluminium alloys and MIG brazing
  • Interpuls welding as a standard
  • Recently developed welding arc ignition process
  • Digital display for welding current, welding voltage, wire feed speed and material thickness with pre-indication and HOLD-function
  • Approved for operation in confined areas, S-symbol
  • Option: socket for remote control, push-pull torch and water cooling unit.
Tire Machine HM-Master 56

Functions in TIG operation mode:
  • Perfect lift-arc ignition.
  • Variable down-slope time.
  • Gas post flow time continuous adjustable.
  • 2 welding currents separately adjustable at the welding torch.
  • TIG pulsation as a standard.
As a standard precise 4-roller drive gear. Suitable for 5 kg or 15 kg wire spools.
The lightweight is only 38 kg. It can be used even in difficult working areas.
Universal in Use
The unit is manufactured to operate in medium size metal fabrication companies, workshops, installation companies, on site and in automobile production and repair.
Water Cooling Unit
The water cooling unit WK 300 can be used as an option.
The mounting and dismounting is done in a few seconds. One pluggable electrical connection is placed on the rear of the unit. Different applications are possible, for ex-ample: welding with a water cooled torch in the workshop, using a gas cooled torch on site.
With a suspension device the complete machine can be mounted to a special track (0ption).
All control functions are easy accessable direct at the working place, only the main supply cable has to be connected.



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