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This is how we get our microbes (Ozzy) to you. The Ozzy microbes are the heart of our system. Without them bioremediation would not occur and our system will not work.
The OzzyMat needs to be changed monthly to keep the Ozzy's in your system thriving.
Imbedded in between the white and blue layers are dormant microbes. The microbes are energized when the OzzyJuice comes in contact with them. The top (white) part of the mat is designed to remove any particles larger than 50 microns. The blue part of the mat provides support for the microbes. It is there to keep Ozzy happy until the mat is used. After a few days of usage, the Ozzy's (microbes) have migrated into the OzzyJuice, in your tank and are happily doing their job of breaking down your hazardous waste.
The OzzyMat needs to be replaced monthly to insure your Ozzy colony stays healthy. The OzzyMat introduces new Ozzy's to your system, keeping your system working at peak performance. Failure to replace the OzzyMat monthly will reduce the efficiency of the microbes "bioremediating" capabilities. The results will be the fluid becoming more and more contaminated, until the system will no longer clean.
Happy, Healthy Ozzys keep the OzzyJuice clean, providing you with a SmartWasher that operates at peak performance.
Healthy Ozzy's = Clean OzzyJuice = Optimal SmartWasher Operation = Happy User

OzzyMat for normal usage.
Comes standard in all units except the 25C.

MultiLayer OzzyMat for users with heavy dirt. Comes with the SW-25C parts/brake washer. Remove a layer every week and then replace the mat once a month.



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Bioremediating parts washer.
Without usual dangerous toxic solvents!
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