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OzzyBooster is a microbial enhancer that customers can use to boost microbial activity by increasing the density of microbes. It contains both new microbes and additional nutrients that expand the available "territory" in which microbes can breed and eat. In most cases, the need for a "boost" never materializes - but when an overused machine needs a "kick in the microbes", OzzyBooster does it.
This liquid blend contains the same type of non-pathogenic microbes found in our regular OzzyMats which are classified as class 1 organisms having no risk to humans and animals.
OzzyBooster can be used by anyone who is using a SmartWasher, but is only necessary in extreme usage situations where the fluid does not have a chance to recover before more contaminants are added.
Simply pour the 250 milliliters (approx 8 oz) container of OzzyBooster directly into the base. That easy!



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Bioremediating parts washer.
Without usual dangerous toxic solvents!
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